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Fortune Door - Golden Edition

Fortune Door - Golden Edition

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3 times more Powerful Gold Edition for Fast and Accurate results. Open Virtual Door with New Pyramid Yantra for Good Fortune.

As per ancient Vedic Vaastu wisdom, Main Door of any premises is like mouth in our body. The state of your health depends on how well you control the intake from your mouth. Similarly, vital energy from the environment enters the premises through our main door. This vital energy coming from main door can bring peace, prosperity, happiness and also problems, if it is negative.

90% of our houses, offices and work places have wrong main door. No wonder, we lack happiness, satisfaction, peace, prosperity and health. As per Vaastu, there are 32 possible entrances in a building and each of it has its own pros and cons. But only a few main door locations are auspicious & positive and can give you favorable results. Majority of the entrances are inauspicious, which produce negative results. Now you have a tool that can make any door into a 'Fortune Door'.

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