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Pyron - Jupiter Spirituality

Pyron - Jupiter Spirituality

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Represents energy, knowledge, self-illumination, spiritual power and courage. It is associated with progress, expansion of consciousness, justice and status. It makes it's native independent, bold, healthy, ambitious, active, popular, self-confident and initiators. 3 is their psychic number and for those born on day 3, 12, 21 or 30.

The design of Pyron (Cosmic Energy Harmoniser Pyramid) imparts double benefit as it has in-built Pyramid Yantra with 9 pyramids and 81 base pyramids. Also to add more power it is enriched with 9 pre-programmed Copper Discs at the bottom (pre-programmed for the purpose). Plus, at the top of your Pyron - a computer uplifted specific 'Special Code' to solve your everyday problems.

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