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Vastu Sleep

Vastu Sleep

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Ancient wisdom tells us that the strongest powers of the universe are within us. Scientific researches also confirm the tremendous ability of our conscious mind. Our subconscious mind is said to be 9 times more powerful than our conscious mind. While we are at sleep, our conscious mind is at rest, but our subconscious mind is at work to help us connect with the universal energy. This connection leads to improve performance and bring us success in health, business and relationships. Work done by the subconscious mind during night is much more beneficial to us than that done by the conscious mind when we are awake.

To help our subconscious mind to perform for us more efficiently, we would need a connection enhancer. Vastu Sleep is one such superb connection enhancer for our link with the universal energy. It works in connection with the 9 planets and the 81 vastu grid principle. Vastu Sleep creates pure harmony between beneficial energy of earth and bio-energy of man and powerful energy of the 9 planets. Such a link not only gives you a better sleep and good health on physical level but also helps you achieve happiness and prosperity on the mental and spiritual level. Clears your chakras and gives you an experience of increased energy and vitality.

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